The Team

Creating a new media distribution model - one where content delivery is informed by real-time data and audience motivation

Transmit.Live was founded by industry veterans who sought to improve the way content owners reach audiences through live streaming.
Seth Hittman
Co-Founder / CEO
Michael Celona
Scott Young
Ricardo Bueso
Duke Barnett
Joe Szumaski
EVP of Ad Products and Partnerships
Edan Rosenberg
EVP, Engineering
Dustin Sherman
VP of Client Development
Rob Friedlander
Head of Corp. Development
Benjamin O’Donnell
VP of Partnerships
Cory Gaddis
Director of Engineering
Pavel Vaysberg
Director of Development Operations
Jeff Yi
Sr. Software Engineer
Josh Kersner
Account Manager
Ambert Rodriguez
Creative Director
RJ Bueso
Technical Account Manager
Paula Najas
Content Coordinator