Privacy Policy
Last Updated: July 27, 2020

Transmit.Live LLC, having its principal office and place of business at 121 East 27th st, #808, New York, NY 10010. (“Transmit.Live”) has a strong commitment to protect the data privacy of visitors and users. Our Privacy Notice describes how information is collected and utilized by Transmit.Live. This Privacy Notice (the “Policy”) applies to visitors to Transmit.Live’s online interactive video advertising services provided to various advertisers, agencies, publishers and other business across various third party websites and online media (the “Services”). Please contact us with any questions or concerns at

We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Protecting your privacy is paramount to us. Please read the following carefully to understand our views and practices regarding your information and how we will treat it. By accessing and using the Transmit.Live services you agree to us processing your information in accordance with this Policy. The Transmit.Live Website and Services may appear on, third party websites and online media. Transmit.Live does not control and is not responsible for the privacy practices of third parties, and this Policy does not cover collection or use of information by third parties on such properties. Visitors to or users of such third party websites or other media should consult the privacy policies of such properties to learn about such third parties’ privacy practices. With respect to data governed by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”), Transmit.Live processes personal data. With respect to data governed by GDPR, and for the benefit of Data Subjects, we have added clarifications to this privacy policy for clarity and transparency.

1. Transmit.Live Website

Transmit.Live may collect personal data, including IP addresses, cookie information, device ID and/or advertising ID, from visitors to the Innovid Website. This information may be used to monitor usage of the Transmit.Live Website, conduct administration and troubleshooting, and assist in improvements to Transmit.Live Website. Transmit.Live may customize the content the visitor receives in future visits to the Transmit.Live Website based on such visitor’s preferences and activities as determined based upon such data.

2. Registration Data and Account Data

If you register to use Transmit.Live as a customer of the Services (e.g., as an agency, advertiser or publisher customer), Transmit.Live may request and store personal data you provide, such as your name, email address, company name, username, telephone number and address (collectively, “Registration Data”). Following your registration, you may use Transmit.Live to set up your account, view reports and/or manage or view advertising campaigns. Transmit.Live may collect information about the manner of your use of the Transmit.Live platform, including session length, IP Address, time of usage, viewed pages and files, and other information regarding your use of the Transmit.Live platform (collectively with Registration Data, the “Account Data”). Transmit.Live may use and retain Account Data in order to provide the Services to you, manage and maintain the account, conduct internal analysis, perform billing, invoicing and payment functions in connection with your account, send Services-related information, alerts and promotional messages to you, and maintain and improve the performance of the Transmit.Live platform and Services.

Platform user data may be combined with a visitor’s Account Data once the visitor has registered for or subsequently logged into the Transmit.Live platform. The combined data is used to provide, monitor and assist in improvements to the Services and the Transmit.Live platform, and to customize content displayed to you on the Transmit.Live platform. Platform user data, Account Data, Registration Data, and combined data collected from the Transmit.Live platform is not sold or rented to third parties. In addition, such information is not shared with third parties except in the case of third party service providers, legal processes and aggregate information, as noted below.

3. Cookies

Transmit.Live may collect the data, including personal data, using cookies, which are small text files stored on the visitor’s computer. Visitors can set their browser to reject cookies altogether, to reject Transmit.Live’s cookies in particular, or to delete cookies. An End User of the Services may opt-out of interest-based advertising from Transmit.Live; please refer to the Section entitled “Opt-Out of Interest-Based Advertising” below. For our EU based users, we may also put in place a Cookie Control Tool on our user interface.

4. Transmit.Live’s Services

Transmit.Live partners with numerous companies to provide online advertisements to visitors of third party websites, mobile websites, mobile applications and other online media. Third party media also includes televisions via third party connected applications and/or digital media streaming devices (visitors to third party media are referred to as “End Users”).

As an End User browses the Internet, he or she may visit Web pages, mobile applications or other online media that make use of the Services. When this happens, an End User’s browser or device may request advertisements from Transmit.Live’s system, and Transmit.Live may collect data about this interaction, as well as about any further interaction by such End User with the advertisements provided by the Services and the pages or media on which such Services are utilized, such as impressions, clicks, mouse movements, viewing duration, IP address, date and time of interaction, information about the general geographical location from which an End User is viewing an advertisement, device type, and other Non-PII made available by the browser or device. In addition, in the event that the data being collected is from a mobile device, Transmit.Live may also collect the mobile advertising ID of the device (e.g. IDFA and Google AdID). On occasion, Transmit.Live may also receive from third parties personal data that enables advertisement optimization, independent of or in combination with the data collected by Transmit.Live, such as audience interest segments and product categories.

The data collected by Transmit.Live and/or received from third parties may be shared and used to provide information and reports to advertisers, agencies and publishers who participate in the Services, to schedule, deliver and optimize advertisements, to limit the number of times a specific advertisement is presented to the same browser or device (frequency capping), to detect and eliminate fraudulent activity, to administer and enhance the Services and perform internal analysis, and to help Transmit.Live display, optimize, target and/or customize advertisements to the interests or preferences of End Users.

From time to time, advertisements served by Transmit.Live may contain functionality that enables an End User to enter personal data into such advertisements or into the landing page to which such advertisements are linked, in order to allow the End User to sign-up for or receive information regarding an advertiser or publisher’s product, service, program or other offer. In the event that an End User elects to provide personal data under such circumstances, Transmit.Live may store such information and may share it with the advertiser, agency or publisher on behalf of whom the advertisement was served, and/or with such entity’s service provider. Transmit.Live may use such information to fulfill or aid in the fulfillment of the End User’s request and/or to autopopulate future requests by the End User’s device. In cases where the advertisement contains functionality enabling Transmit.Live to store personal data, the End User will have the option to opt-out of the storage of such information by indicating its preference in the appropriate checkbox shown in the advertisement, or by clicking through to the settings available through the advertisement. The End User should review the advertiser or publisher’s privacy policy to understand how such entity will process any personal data entered by the End User or captured. If you would like Transmit.Live to delete all records of your personal data, or exercise your rights of access, rectification, portability, and so on, please send us an email at

Transmit.Live may work with Nielsen to better understand the reach of ad campaigns. To learn more about what information Nielsen collects, how it uses and shares that information and your choices, please visit

Transmit.Live collects personal data based on several bases, depending on the exact circumstances. Registration Data and Account Data is processed on the basis of a contract between Transmit.Live and the customer; we are not able to provide services and meet the terms of our customer agreements without such processing. Personal data may also be processed on the basis of the legitimate interest Transmit.Live has in serving and measuring advertising, and analyzing, improving, optimizing and personalizing its users’ experience.

To opt-out of any of the processing described in this policy, you may contact Transmit.Live and its Data Protection Officer at Data subjects have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (the UK ICO).

5. Cross-Device Tracking

Transmit.Live may, or may use the services of third party companies to, establish connections between a user’s devices and to provide interest-based advertising across devices. Cross-device connections allow Transmit.Live to understand that a single user is accessing advertisements served or measured by Transmit.Live from multiple devices and to synchronize or target advertising messages and/or measure the performance of advertisements across those devices. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices with respect to it, please: (1) visit the NAI Choices page located at to learn how to opt out of having your information collected in browsers for ad serving purposes; and (2) download the AppChoices application, available for iOS and Android (see, or visit the NAI’s Mobile Choices page located at, to learn how to opt out of having your information collected in mobile apps. Because web browsers and mobile apps have different identifiers, you will need to opt-out of each environment separately.

6. Opt-Out of Interest-Based Advertising

End Users can opt out of interest-based advertising served by Transmit.Live. opt-out through the NAI page located here. In order to comply with an opt-out request, Transmit.Live may set a non-unique cookie for the sole purpose of complying with such request. If an End User deletes its cookies or changes computers or devices after opting out, he or she will need to opt out again by clicking the link in this paragraph. Please note that where an End User blocks cookies on his or her browser, Transmit.Live will be unable to set an opt-out cookie, and therefore unable to abide by such End User opt-out request.

To opt-out of interest-based advertising for the mobile applications on your current device, the method of opting out depends on the type of device you have. Please also note that, in some cases (i.e., if you have an older device), it may be necessary for you to provide your device ID in order to opt out.

Opting out on Apple iOS devices: On iOS 6.0 you can select a setting that enables you to limit ad tracking. You can do this by clicking on Settings -> General -> About -> Advertising, and setting the Limit Ad Tracking function to ‘ON’. Alternatively, you can go to Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising and set the “Limit Ad Tracking” function to ‘ON’. On iOS 7.0, you can go to Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising and set the “Limit Ad Tracking” function to ‘ON’.

Opting out on Android devices: In Android devices with Google Play Services 4.0 and higher, You can opt out of interest-based advertising services by opening the Google Settings App, then clicking on Ads (under “Services”) and turning on the “Opt of interestbased ads” function.

Please also visit the NAI’s Mobile Choices Page located at for additional detailed instructions on how to use the advertising choice mechanisms for various devices. Following an opt-out, Transmit.Live’s system will still provide advertisements to the End User. Please note, however, that these advertisements may be less relevant to such End User’s interests.

7. Data Retention

Personal data, whether from desktop or mobile devices, may be retained for up to 12 months. Personal data may be anonymized and used for reporting and analysis, and may be stored as long as necessary to fulfill a legitimate business need or as required by law.

8. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Transmit.Live reserves the right to disclose information if it believes, in good faith, that such disclosure is required to comply with legal or regulatory requirements, or to protect others’ rights or prevent harm, including in response to lawful requests by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements.

9. Third Party Service Providers

Transmit.Live may retain certain third party service providers to perform functions and services on its behalf, such as cloud services for storing and processing information (e.g., Amazon Web Services and Akamai), customer relationship management services (e.g., Salesforce) and enterprise resource planning services (e.g., Priority). Transmit.Live may share information with these third party service providers, but only to the extent necessary to perform such functions and services, and only pursuant to obligations on such third party service providers that are consistent with this Policy.I

n all cases in which Transmit.Live transfers any personal data to a third party, it will do so pursuant to a data protection agreement governing such transfers. Where personal data is transferred outside of the EU, appropriate safeguards are used such as E.U.- U.S. Privacy shield, see below.

A. YouTube

Platform users are provided with an option to grant Transmit.Live access to their YouTube accounts, for the purpose of managing streaming video content and gathering analytics. By utilizing this feature, users are agreeing to YouTube’s Terms of Service ( Please refer as well to the Google Privacy Policy at

In addition to the procedure outlined above for managing Transmit.Live’s access to your data, note that a user may revoke Transmit.Live’s access to their YouTube account and data at any time via the Google security settings page at
permissions. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Transmit.Live’s access to your YouTube account and data, please send an email to