SSAI Technology Solution

The new era of media consumption requires a modern approach to video advertising

Increase your inventory

Enable dynamic OTT monetization without the interruption

Our technology provides value for media owners and advertisers by creating cutting edge monetization strategies for streaming video distribution

Picture in picture
live ad format

Personalize the moment without interrupting the primary viewing experience


Generating new revenue streams with first to market technology


Leverage our proprietary data to measure the value of a moment for both brands & publishers


Customizable Ad Breaks

Personalize the moment to seamlessly integrate brand messaging without interrupting the primary viewing experience

Transmit SSAI Technology

Personalized picture in picture

Seamlessly transform standard :6, :15 or :30 TV Ads into an immersive in-content OTT ad experience
Dynamically personalize overlay messaging & background color palette
Precision time code ad injections to match brand messaging with relevant programming

Publisher tools

Customize ad breaks
Select creative background
Leverage Existing Programmatic SSP’s
Manage Yield

Solving for

Fraud authentication & measurement
Disruptive ad experience
Creative de-duplication
Creative separation